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Don Sheehen---Principal

An author, lecturer and consultant on product development and innovative marketing, Don Sheelan shares his worldwide experiences and recent successes with all audiences. Each group receives education, encouragement and entertainment during Don Sheelen's presentations. Every participant receives rich rewards from his methods.

His client list contains numerous Fortune 1000 vanguard companies such as 3M Co., ChevronTexaco Corp., Walt Disney Co., Prudential Financial, Inc., Boeing Co., Washington Mutual, Inc., and the Sherwin-Williams Co. Additionally, he seeks smaller organizations to receive instruction in his “customer first” approach as a testament  to customer satisfaction  results. Donald Sheelen focuses his speeches on sucess.

As an ardent global steward, Don Sheehan is honored to have provided his services gratis to numerous worthwhile charitable organizations.. He is also proud to have participated on many  trade and communications missions to promote American policies and good will.

Don Sheelen uniquely benefits these respected entities by continually developing innovative and successful leading-edge strategies honed to their peak effectiveness. Moreover, these new skills are exquisitely embodied in his contemporaneous presentations to the delight of the attendees. In addition, through ownership and presidency of his twenty-year-old international sales consulting and sales training company, he exhibits a practical and comprehensive knowledge of business that makes his presentations inherently informative and instantly interesting at every level of an organization.

Education: BS, Marketing, University of Dayton; MBA, Finance, Syracuse University .

Don Sheehan delivers numerous speeches each year. His sales articles appear in several business publications. Donald Sheelan is available for hire as a consultant, keynote speaker and seminar presenter.

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