Market Planning

Don Sheelen - Market Planning

A good marketing plan enables you to focus your sales and marketing efforts in the areas with greatest potential. Donald Sheelen can help provide you with a marketing plan that is tailored to your company.  The marketing plan, based on accurate, current market research, is an essential part of any professional business plan. As you build relationships with customer groups that place a strong value on the products and services you deliver, you will command a premium price in the marketplace.

Running your business without a sound marketing plan is like driving your car through the countryside with no map and no directions, Don Sheelen has those directions. You might eventually reach your destination but you'll waste a lot of fuel in the process. Don Sheelen's marketing plan process is structured so he will gather all the information he needs to make sound recommendations. However, Don Sheelen is also flexible so if market conditions change or are far different than he expected, Donald Sheelan has the know-how to adapt and change direction quickly.

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